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The brown sheep found in the Wadden Sea National Park are a special breed known as "Wadden Sea sheep" or "Wadden Sea lambs". These sheep are a crossbreed of various local breeds and have been adapted to the harsh and wet environment of the Wadden Sea, which stretches along the coast of Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Wadden Sea sheep have developed specific traits to survive in this environment. Their wool is more water-resistant than that of other sheep breeds, helping them stay dry and warm even when exposed to the damp conditions of the area. Their ability to graze in the wet terrain also helps maintain vegetation in the Wadden Sea, thus supporting the unique ecosystem of the area.

These sheep also play an important role in the management of the Wadden Sea as part of nature conservation efforts. Their grazing helps maintain open landscapes and supports biodiversity by creating habitats for various plant species and wildlife.

Therefore, Wadden Sea sheep are not only part of the cultural heritage of the area, but they also actively contribute to the conservation and protection of the Wadden Sea National Park and its unique ecosystems.

Sale - Mixed EU White/Brown 100-110cm.
Mix white and brown together. The sheepskin is 100 - 115cm long. 1pcs. 67€ - 2pcs. 131€ - 3pcs. 192€ - 4pcs. 250€ - 5pcs. 306€ - 6pcs. 359€ - 7pcs. 409€ - 8pcs. 457€ - 9pcs. 502€ - 10pcs. 544€
€ 88,00 67,00
White or Brown XL Sheepskin
The sheepskin originates from sheep that have walked along the Wadden Sea National Park from Esbjerg to Holland.
€ 108,00 88,00
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