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Nordic Spirit is a relatively young company, which was established in May 2015. We started at hobby level, but the company quickly developed into one of the country's largest importers of leather products.
We emphasize that our skins come from animals that have had a good upbringing and that they have been treated in accordance with EU rules regarding animal welfare and sustainability.

We always ensure that we do not deal in skins from endangered species.

Our ambitions are to deliver top quality products and to ensure that our customers receive products that meet their expectations. We are very aware that the sale of leather products is largely a matter of trust and we therefore make a virtue of finding exactly the product that our customers demand.

Since the vast majority of our hides are completely natural, in the most literal sense of the word, each hide has its own distinctive character, play of colors and history.
This is what fascinates us and fortunately many of our customers.

Since we are involved in the entire process from purchasing the raw salted skins to tanning, there is a short distance from us to you, which in turn means that our prices are very competitive.