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The sheepskins in a beautiful white caramel color, which we call "Hvid Caramel," are created in the same manner as our other dyed sheepskins. We have applied a special process where the wool from our white sheep has been treated with care and attention to detail to achieve this unique hue.

The "Hvid Caramel" sheepskins have a warm and inviting tone, adding a subtle elegance to any space. The light caramel color brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to the wool, resulting in a sheepskin with a timeless and inviting appeal.

These sheepskins are an expression of the natural beauty and adaptability of our white sheep and also represent our commitment to creating high-quality products that celebrate and respect the unique properties of the wool from our sheep.

Therefore, the "Hvid Caramel" sheepskins are not just a beautiful and functional product, but they are also a symbol of our commitment to sustainability and respect for nature and the traditions that underpin our work.

Sheepskin European White Caramel
The skin measures 105cm.
€ 94,00 61,00
Sheepskin European White Caramel
The skin measures 100cm.
€ 88,00 61,00
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